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News 2023

Latvia has substantial potential for the development of solar energy, and in this sense, it will be essential to partner with local experts who have the necessary experience.

I and my team have been working with renewable energy projects and their development in Latvia since 2010, and we would, therefore, like to propose a partnership on developing wind and solar energy projects in Latvia or even the Baltic States as a whole.  We can already ensure more than 90 MW of solar projects and up to 160 MW of wind projects in Latvia.  More information about these projects I can send to you directly by your request.

We can offer existing solar energy investment projects which are in the design stage at this time, or launch entirely new projects, seeking out project locations in accordance with investor requirements.

In wind we have 60-72 MW wind project with all building permits and ready to build till May 2024 as well as 290 MW wind projects under development (at Environmental Impact Assessment procedure).

90 MW Solar parks • Ready to be developed solar power plant in Latvia, with total capacity 90 MW in 11 different locations • 350 MW Wind parks in different development studies • Secured connection to the grid and land lease rights up to 30 years for wind and solar projects • Potential to participate in state organised feed in tariff auction or GO schemes • Possibility to sell Green bonds

Project Overview • Project locations are in the best Latvian irradiation points • Average ha price 100 EUR a year per ha • Land plot locations are next to the substations • All connections to the grid are secured • Permits from Latvian Ministry of Economics • Possible IRR up to 15 % • Already secured connection to TSO or DSO.

Latvia is a participant of the Nord Pool Spot market. Nord Pool AS is a panEuropean electric power exchange that runs the continent’s largest market measured in volume traded and in market share. It operates in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. Average price for Solar parks in Latvia in year 2018 was 68 EUR per MWh Planned price for 2022 will be 13-18 EUR per MWh, based un SKM prognosis.

A look at NordPool market prices shows that solar power could be sold for as much as EUR 180/MWh or 130/MWh for wind produced electricity.  Given capital costs, which have been declining year by year, the project can have an IRR of up to 15% per year.  It is equally good that NordPool sets no limits on the purchase of electricity, and all output can be sold on the market.

I look forward to hearing your offer so that we can further discuss various opportunities for partnership.